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Grilled World’s Spiciest Chicken Wings discovered in Fife!

About Dave’s Insanity Sauce. (Excerpts from Wikipedia)-

In the United States, a growing interest in hot sauces in general and extremely hot sauces in particular can be dated roughly from the institution of the annual Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show in 1989. The original Dave's Insanity Sauce premiered around 1995 and was one of the first sauces to be made directly from capsaicin extract, allowing it to be hotter than the hottest habanero-pepper sauces of the day. It was the only hot sauce ever banned from the National Fiery Foods Show for being too hot. It has been rated at 180,000 Scoville Units, compared with 2,500-5,000 for Tabasco Sauce, which, before the 1990s, was the hottest sauce known to the average consumer. Part of the intrigue behind the sauce name (Insanity) was founder Dave Hirschkop’s wearing of a straitjacket at events promoting his products.

And so to this month’s recipe, a salute to chilli lovers the world over.-

Well, after a year of monthly online recipes it has finally come down to this, very apt perhaps now that we are once again getting into High Grilling season.

I recently first came across Dave’s Insanity Sauce in the butcher’s shop in Aviemore. On returning home my first mistake was to take a full teaspoonful at outset, I was then in for a few minutes which I won’t ever forget. Having quickly glugged a half carton of natural yoghurt to try and take the heat away, which didn’t work, I had no choice other than just to then just lie down on the floor for some fifteen minutes to ride out the initial pain.

People can panic when they get something this hot in their mouths, as they think the pain just won’t subside. The trick is to envisage yourself as Colonel Kurtz in the closing scenes of Apocalypse Now. Just got to take the pain and sweat it out. (‘The horror, the horror...’) 36 times hotter than Tabasco? Yep, certainly felt like it. I was visited a few weeks ago by Ross Weeden, aka The Wolfman of Oslo, he will gladly testify to 2 hours of sweating it out following the same taster!!!

So, a load of pals round for Sunday lunch, you’ll need plenty of ice cold beer ready for this one. You’ll have to judge how much of this sauce you can use in the wings recipe, I leave it to you to decide. Remember though, the purpose of this recipe is to provide a very memorable grillblasting experience.

Serves 8 as a starter


  • 4lb chicken wings
  • Salt and ground black pepper to season.
  • 6tbsp olive oil
  • 8 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 4 tbsp American yellow mustard
  • 4 tbsp dried oregano
  • 6 tbsp finely chopped spring onions
  • 4 limes, halved ready for squeezing.
  • Dave’s Insanity Sauce, measure to taste. You decide!



  • Crank up the BBQ, lumpwood charcoal preferred.
  • Cut each wing into 3 pieces. Discard the wing tips. Put all the other chicken pieces in a large bowl. Add the olive oil, and a good amount of salt and pepper. Ensure all chicken pieces are oiled.
  • Grill the chicken, say 10 to 15 minutes should do it. Check if cooked by cutting through thickest piece, should be cooked all the way and not pink/ red beside the bone.
  • Combine the vinegar, mustard, oregano, more salt and pepper, and Insanity Sauce in a large bowl. Add the cooked wings and ensure every piece gets a good dunk. I would suggest that if you were to use a Teaspoonful of Insanity sauce per guest, that should do the trick.* (Another option would of course be to cut down the amount of Insanity, and for those who wish, they can independently add extra sauce themselves.)
  • If your Korma-loving grandmother is coming round for Sunday Lunch then forget it. If on the other hand you have a bunch of pals who do like their curry at Madras/ Vindaloo/ Phall level, then you won’t go wrong.
  • Serve each guest their wings on a plate sprinkled with chopped Spring Onion and garnished with wedges of fresh lime.
  • Cold beers ready and off you go. Off down the river with Colonel Kurtz. There are those who may say that the sensation of pain, numbness and sweating, with tears streaming down your cheeks has nothing at all to do with a pleasurable dining experience. On this occasion I myself beg to differ.

Best wishes,


* Please do not forget social responsibility. If using this amount of Insanity Sauce you should caution all guests in advance that they are in for a uniquely hot experience, and you should also warn expectant mothers and those with heart and medical conditions.